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Some thoughts:

  • User:80n has an example map which collects many of the map features, IMO we should have this in SVN. Renderings of this map could even be split automatically to create a table like the one in Map Features; or we could construct a map key page from it.
  • If possible, all the color and symbol definitions should be in a single file, instead of being repeated in every XML for a specific zoom level. I made an attempt toward this already, but failed :/
  • Do we know if a color palette is be copyrighted? I.e., could we legally make a color scheme similar to a commercial map, printed or online?
  • Different countries may want to use different colors and symbols, but stay in sync with the base color scheme. Having some kind of inheritance mechanism should be kept in mind. (Google Maps does that too, e.g. England and France have different colors for the motorways.)

--Colin Marquardt 15:00, 20 September 2007 (BST)