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er... some of these are not pubs, but rather other tags on nodes. Blackadder 14:39, 8 Jun 2006 (UTC)

Yeah, that's kind of the point... I'm trying to see what sort of data we have, so that we can spot where people have labelled something "amenity=pub, name=M25".
Don't trust the results just yet though, until I've double-checked the script... Ojw 16:02, 8 Jun 2006 (UTC)
yeah, well my beeches walk ones should be amenity=post_box and amenity=post_office. Blackadder 16:17, 8 Jun 2006 (UTC)
Well, I don't know about any of you, but I'm off for a pint down the Chiswick Roundabout. --Richard 18:05, 8 Jun 2006 (UTC)
This is full of False positives all nodes you have matched in 17.5-18.5 59.* are incorrect, the donät have amenity . Funny thing tough there is a pub called E4 around the corner from where I live and E4 is also a highway Erik Johansson 00:28, 11 Jun 2006 (UTC)

2006 generated pub list. deleted

This page used to have a 2006 generated pub list. This was back in the day when we couldn't see the data. Generating lists like this was the pinnacle of OSM geoquerying. I assume it's no longer needed. I've redirected the page -- Harry Wood 17:42, 19 August 2010 (BST)