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Abandoned Software?

Pyrender is not maintained anymore, is this true? This trac page shows 5 years of inactivity. I'd like to make this more clear in on the pyrender page. Any objections? --MichaelS 14:10, 15 December 2012 (UTC)

From server:

<nd id='252275978' x='1070458053' y='713863378' />


'lat': float(attrs.get('y')) / self.divisor, 
'lon': float(attrs.get('x')) / self.divisor


lat = n['lat']
lon = n['lon']
f.write("\n<nd id='%d' x='%1.0f' y='%1.0f'/>" % (
  lon * divisor, 
  lat * divisor))


What does pyrender do ? Does it create slippy map tiles ?

Shouldn't the answer be at the top of the page ?

Nothing displayed in overlays

I've tried to get the source, run the server, and view the map in my browser (tried konqueror, rekonq and firefox). But if I selected any overlays layers, nothing append, nothing is displayed.

I've no message in the output where the server is runned. Is something else required to run your app ?

Tried on Kubuntu 9.10.