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About me

  • Involved in mapping. Primarily in the south-west of germany.
  • One of my mapping topics is: surface and classification of tracks
  • I'm a heavy OsmAnd User, primarily for cycling purposes
  • In my opinion the osm wiki should be improved

Everything below here is just a notebook for myself.

Collection of ideas / Questions

This is a raw collection of ideas where to contribute and what to change:

  • Consolidating faq's and introductory content on the wiki
  • Step 1: Analyze and categorize existing pages
  • Step 2: Make a matrix: Page / Target audience / Page type / ...
  • Step 3: Propose and discuss merging, simplification and restructuring
  • Clean up discussion page of main page (e.g. create discussion archive)
  • "Using OpenStreetMap" exists twice: a) Link to and b) Link from ...

Link collection

Pages proposed for deletion

OSM JS programming / QM Sites

Comments to Beginner's Guide

I currently read through the beginner's guide and try to summarize my thoughts here:

Beginners' guide

  • add a section ' startup guide for the impatient '
  • second paragraph about gps and imagery: shorter - do not talk about importance, but about alternatives, maybe add comment about gps smartphones
  • name the links in the list or on the right side the same like the pages
  • (what about adding the title of the next page to the next buttons?)

Beginners Guide 1.1.2

  • Q&A on this single page is not a consistent style among the beginner pages

Beginners Guide 1.2.1

  • too special - with babel , mac os , linux and stuff

Beginners Guide 1.4

"Edit Data" is not a good subtitle in the header template. Should rather be: "Editing tags, (add some meaning to ways and nodes) - in addition it's different from everything you see on the page

When I was a beginner

Here I try to memorize how I used OSM from the beginning and what difficulties I had. This is to remember what should be improved:

  1. I started to use OSM in 2009 to find new bicycle routes on the slippy map
    • Pitfalls: The legend of the slippy map is not complete. E.g. I couldn't find explained what the different rendering styles for tracks and paths mean. It took a few weeks until I figured out that I can use the MapFeatures page as a replacement for the legend to understand better the items rendered on the map. At that time I did my first three edits with potlatch 1.2c and did not do further mapping until ....
  2. In mid 2012 I started to become an active mapper with JOSM
    • Pitfall 1: I thought I can upload my GPS track directly into the map of OSM, but I couldn't find how to do that in JOSM. When I found the JOSM feature: "Convert GPS track into data layer" the editor gave me a warning, that this should be avoided. After that I went back to the wiki to read how to map roads. At first I didn't get the point why I first should upload my GPS track to OSM, but not use it as new data for the map? The section "Upload GPX tracks" is misleading here because it talks about GPSbabel etc.
    • Pitfall 2: I tried to insert a new track and it wasn't clear to me what are the rules to connect new tracks to existing tracks. After reading the beginners guide it was clear to me.

Bike MichaelS
is a bicyclist.