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There are a few pitfall inexperienced users like me may stumble into.

Required or recommended packages

  • javascript-common (unverified; I found this information in a German Linux magazine article dealing with Routino)
  • flex
  • bison? (listed as recommended when installing flex)

CGI execution

When using apache as web server, you need to make it execute the .cgi (and pl?) script within the directory web/www/routino. Do not use the ScriptAlias directive, as this makes apache try to execute all files in the directories including html files etc. Add +ExecCGI to the Options directive instead, and use AddHandler to set the file types. See for details.


Make sure that especially the web/results directory is writable for other users. Routino also tries to create a router.log in case something goes wrong which would require write permissions as well (not sure about the location unfortunately).

(Whatever of this makes sense might possible (after corrections) be included into a main page or a separate one dealing with Routino installation?) --G0ldfish 15:50, 12 December 2012 (UTC)