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Why add this page?

Im looking for the easiest way that users would be able to easily download shp files from the GeoBase Import project. Where the program could be able to go through the list of 90 different shape/line & point files, and add on the appropriate tags.

More info needed

What's the difference between polyshp2osm and shp2osm? What is the difference between the different scales used in conversion? Anyone have any other suggestions or experiences?

Did Cleanup

I have done a major cleanup of this page. Due to numerous revisions it had become unclear what scripts were being discussed. I have added a section about the various versions and gathered all of the links together in that section. I have added information from the mailing lists about versions of polyshp2osm which are compatible with API 0.6.

This page still needs work to add missing information, but I hope it is at least now less confusing.

One point that confuses me: what is the relationship between shp2osm and polyshp2osm? Why are they discussed on the same page?

--TomashPilshchik 15 January 2010