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Tomash Pilshchik

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Tomash Pilshchik's User Page

My Efforts

Massachusetts Streets

I am mapping the area to the west of Springfield, Massachusetts and the area to the north and east of Hartford, Connecticut.

I have found that the imported data for Massachusetts is pretty accurate regarding the location of streets. However, it is not completely up-to-date and does not include many non-street objects such as railways, lakes and rivers.

Connecticut Streets

The street data for Connecticut imported from TIGER is badly out-of-date and indicates their positions only approximately. I am using a few GPS traces to align the Yahoo aerial photographs and then using the photographs to adjust the street positions.

H & H Canal

I am attempting to locate and map the remains of the Hampshire and Hampden Canal which once ran from Southwick, Mass. to North Hampden Mass. There is an article about the canal in the Valley Advocate.

My Notes

Here are some notes on using and contributing to OSM. WHen I get a clearer picture of some of these issues, I may push some of this information into the relevant wiki pages.


Contacting Other Users



There are three major editors for OSM. They are:

  • Potlatch: runs in browser, requires flash
  • JOSM: runs in JVM, more features than others, interface uses a lot of shift modifiers and other things that are not obvious
  • Merkaartor -- not as capable as JOSM, but much easier to figure out

There are also a number of special-purpose editors:

Web Slippy Maps

Gtk Map Widgets

Downloading OSM Data

Loading OSM Data onto GPS Receivers

Creating Paper Maps

These programs and websites may prove useful for creating paper maps.

  • is Perl script which downloads tiles from OSM tile servers, stitches them together, draws GPX traces and waypoints on them, and creates a PNG image.
  • Reportlab Toolkit is a Python library for producing PDF files. It is easy to use. I find it useful for turning map images created using Thomas Fischer's script into proper atlas pages.
  • [5] The Walking Papers project] provides a way to print paper maps. It is intended that one then mark up these maps, scan them, and send them back for data entry.



Geocoding Addresses




Other Data Sources

Open Source GPS Navigators

Realtime GPS Tracking