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Relation template

User icon 2.svgVerdy_p (on osm), shouldn't we use relation template but with parameter for no tools? relation 2345</nowiki> --Mitjajez (talk) 19:25, 27 March 2018 (UTC)

"tools=no" is there for use on page where you'll want to list many relations. All pages where there are hundreds relation listed tend to explode (in expanded size) if we include tools.
So "tools=no" can be used in the interim, before you split the pages by focusing its topic a bit more selectively. Ideally, there should not be more than ~100 inclusions of the "relation" template with tools enabled. You'll see by yourself that once you reach some level, the page tends to be very large and slow to update, and finally cannot be fully rendered: it is then the time to add "tools=no" everywhere, then prepare a page split using some criteria if you want to add them again.
Typical pages that have exploded with tools enabled were bus networks of large cities: we had to disable these tools in the summary global view, and prepare new subpages to detail them.
These pages that are very slow and then not fully rendered are tracked by Mediawiki itself in a dedicated category if they've reached a maximum threshold set by a limit defined on the wiki server (which is much more limited than wiki servers used by Wikimedia on their large "farms" of servers, which are also dramatically faster than this one and that support many more extensions, notably Scribunto for Lua modules, integration of Wikidata, larger caches, more front proxies, and that are accessed by thousands time more users and generate thousand times more trafic...).
Note that tools are enabled by default (most pages will use them directly, and very few pages need to list many relations: only these pages need to specify "tools=no" when they reach some level, and then need to have some subpages created to manage the content, so "tools=no" must be used explicitly only on these few pages, e.g. Bus networks in Paris, London, Roma, NYC, Delhi).
Sometimes there are pages initially created for all transports in a given country: it is reasonable to split them rapidly by region or transport mode, even if we keep a basic summary page with limited info for the whole...:
When a page "explodes", generally I don't choose which relation to detail or not, I disable tools on all, but you may want to keep details with tools only for very few generic "network" relations, but not any individual "route" or "route_master" for every transport line in the network. In some cases, when it was evident how to split it, I made the split myself (notably for pages that were no longer maintained since long, probably because of its existing rendering problem). — Verdy_p (talk) 21:26, 27 March 2018 (UTC)