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Instructions from Heinz V

How to map the subdistricts :

  • Data source 1 =
  • Data source 2 =
  • to fullfill copyright : changeset/ source = "census India 2011" or "Bharatmaps"
  • download pdf of the district (Part-A-ebook(CRC) (Census)
  • make a screenshot (png) of the district map
  • use JOSM
  • install plugin „Piclayer“
  • description of piclayer
  • download the existing district boundaries of the district from OSM
  • open the screenshot image as background
  • adjust the image to the district boundary
  • download all data (relations!) along the district boundaries
  • make corrections of district boundary errors
  • map the ways for the new tehsils/mandals… boundaries
  • create the subdistrict boundary relations
  • upload and go to the next district

-- Naveenpf (talk) 16:47, 27 June 2019 (UTC)