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Proposal : Rendering

  • Bateast : an arete is something like a ridge with a cliff on both sides. Then I think that following this, rendering should match cliff rendering, that is a line with ticks (triangles) on both sides (that would actually become lozenges).

Not clear how to use natural=arete in a natural=ridge relation

This page states the following "Way tagged as natural=arete can be included in natural=ridge relation", but does not describe how it should be done. Also the page natural=ridge does not describe anything about fetching ridges in relations. It actually states that relations should not be used. I tried to find this type of relations with an Overpass query to see how they are build up, but did not get any result. I am not sure if that is because my limited experience with Overpass, or that this type of relation is not used. When I check the tag history there seem to be about 70 of these relations in use now, so apparently my Overpass query is flawed.

I do see a good use-case for natural=ridge relations, because of the ability to mix in sections of arete or cliff while maintaining the same name for example. It would be good to have some specification on how to use, preferably on the natural=ridge page.

Cheers, Dikkeknodel (talk) 08:13, 11 July 2018 (UTC)