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Dutchman but mapped a lot in Switzerland while residing in Zürich 2017 up to 2019. Now living in Nijmegen.

My main interests are in cycling and walking/hiking, therefore the focus for OSM will also be on specific infrastructure for these activities.

You see my user statistics here and an overview of where I map here.

Currently active topics

  1. Getting to know my place of residence and updating the map in parallel.
  2. Ever since DigitalGlobe opened up their imagery of the world archive to the OSM community in May 2017, there is highly detailed information on South Georgia. The imagery is relatively new (2015/6) and from a time towards the end of summer on the Southern Hemisphere, which helps a lot since the snow cover is minimal then. I am adding all the natural elements to the map, starting in the west. To get all the names and details of bays, caps, mountains, etc. right I use open data from United States Geological Survey's Geographic Names Information System which contains a lot of descriptions of locations near Antarctica from the whaling expeditions and explorations in the beginning of the 20th century.

Notable contributions

  1. When we finally found Agriturismo La Castellana while hiking the Via Degli Dei, I decided it was time for my first OSM action and added it to the map directly via OSMand so other people may find it easier. We were then using a paper map for the route, which had all sort of mistakes regarding the locations of guest houses and hotels, quite annoying when you are not carrying a tent and booked them based on their location on the map (14-Jun-2016).
  2. Completely mapped the remote Salmonberry River in Oregon, USA after hiking along the abandoned Port of Tillamook Railway, see my diary entry (19-Feb-2017).
  3. Completed the Schwyzer Hohenweg regional hiking route (08-Dec-2017).
  4. Completed the Züri Oberland-Höhenweg regional hiking route (14-Dec-2017).
  5. Completed the Pragelpass-Weg regional hiking route (14-May-2018).

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Key:sac scale

Key:trail visibility


Key:mtb:scale (only level 0 and 1 is relevant to my skill and guts).