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How is this different from amenity=school , university?

I've seen an increasing number of schools tagged exclusively with office=educational_institution. Unfortunately, the translation of this tag coincides with the name given to public schools in some Spanish-speaking countries (i.e. Institución Educativa + some name), resulting in schools there not being tagged with amenity=school at all and only with office=educational_institution. The current version of the wiki gives "school, college or university" as example usages of this tag without making any attempt at addressing the ambiguity with amenity=* tags already in use for such places (namely, amenity=school, amenity=college, and amenity=university). Please expound the Wiki to address the specific intended usage of this tag and disambiguate it from the other amenity=* tags so that editors can handle this tag appropriately and stop incorrectly tagging school nodes with this tag.--Carciofo (talk) 15:10, 10 July 2016 (UTC)