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ref = * only official reference?

"ref = * - Reference number or Code of the route"

was changed to

"ref = * - Official reference number or code of the route as signed / if it has one"

In Germany, according to my observations, things are different. Often there are no official abbreviations for regional and local routes, only symbols. Therefore the ref=* is often defined by the mapper. One can find good or not. But this is lived practice.

As it stands now, one would have to omit the "ref=*" and one would not be able to distinguish the routes on the map from one another.

(Sorry for the english mistakes, this is google translated.) --Jo (talk) 20:00, 4 July 2021 (UTC)

As explained on the German page the definition of ref=* - on cycle routes and elsewhere - is very clear. The German-speaking community unfortunately has completely ignored core principles of OSM, the documentation, and global consensus. Inventing abbreviated names out of convenience is not how we roll. I have started a discussion on the German-speaking mailing lists to find a way how we can fix this issue in the database.
--Stefanct (talk) 20:34, 4 July 2021 (UTC)

S-Pedelec/Fast Ebikes/Moped/Mofa Specific rules in Switzerland?

Atleast in Switzerland there are Specific rules for "S-Pedelec/Fast Ebikes/Moped/Mofa" with a "Small yellow Number" for examples see so it would make sense, to differ between them also on openstreetmap. There are even separate Parking places, some only for Mofa's some for Motos+Mofas and others only for Bikes and Fast Ebikes, also there we may check if we can add more symbols to separate them, also i would suggest to add a separate Bike Parking symbol for Bike Parkings that are covered and uncovered.