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tag conflict

To avoid tag conflicts, a fuel station sells fuel using a fuel vending machine, it's good to mark it as amenity=fuel + automated=yes or amenity=fuel + vending_machine=yes?

automated=* vending_machine=*

Differences between automated and vending

Many fuel stations in the U.S. are self-service. That is, one pays for the fuel with a credit card and then an automatic pump turns on and the user pumps fuel into the vehicle. I consider such stations automated but do not consider the pumps vending machines although they are. In Thailand, there are many fuel shops that have an actual vending machine into which you insert money for a premeasured amount of fuel, sort of like a cigarette vending machine. In a sense, both types of fuel station use a vending machine, both are typically open 24/7 and both are automated. I use the vending machine tag to indicate the distinction between a full-service fuel station and these small shops scattered around Thailand that use an automatic vending machine to dispense the fuel. See shop=fuel in this Wiki for more.

I use shop=fuel instead of amenity=fuel as a further means of distinguishing between the small fuel vending machines that supply only a limited amount of fuel, typically at a much higher price, and a large full-service fuel station.

2022-03-02 The above statement is incorrect and has caused some confusion. I use shop=fuel for the shops in Thailand that sell small quantities of fuel using a hand-pump or from bottles. The vending machines that are becoming more and more numerous should be tagged with amenity=fuel just as a full-service fuel station would be. AlaskaDave (talk) 08:44, 2 March 2022 (UTC)

Also, note that shop=gas is currently used for shops selling industrial gas like acetylene, oxygen, etc.

See the shop page for details and photos of the ones I mentioned.


vending=gas has a bit of use. Should this be considered an incorrect tag?

Is this tag used for mapping gas station without canopy?

In rural areas many gas stations do not have canopy at all, should I tag them with this tag? --CBRS (talk) 13:17, 26 July 2021 (UTC)

  • I'm not sure this will help you but this tag is generally not used with what we call a gas station in the U.S. Such stations are tagged amenity=fuel (whether roofed or not). These vending machines dispense fuel in small amounts for a motorcycle or car. (See shop=fuel for more). As with amenity=fuel stations, whether or not such shops have a roof or canopy is a separate mapping issue. AlaskaDave (talk) 15:14, 26 July 2021 (UTC)

how to tag standalone motorcycle-only vending machines ?

I see so far two types of fuel vending machines:

  1. those found in stations servicing motorcycles, cars, and larger vehicles
  2. vending machine boxes with small capacity found in developing countries used to refill motorcycles only
  • No. 2 is not a correct assumption. Vending_machines that dispense gasoline (benzine, petrol), are not limited to refueling motorcycles only. Because they have only a limited quantity of fuel they are better suited for small vehicles but one could refuel a normal vehicle if desired. As an aside, most full-size fuel stations in the U.S. could be classified in much the same manner as the small capacity vending stations in Thailand except that they accept credit cards for payment and can easily refuel any size vehicle. They are automated, tagged with amenity=fuel, vending=fuel, etc. Each pump in a large station could actually be micro-mapped and tagged with amenity=vending_machine as well as the other tags but in practice, this is seldom done, and I don't see it as necessary. AlaskaDave (talk) 08:21, 2 March 2022 (UTC)

The current wiki is confusing and misleading:

“To avoid tag conflicts, a fuel station sells fuel using a fuel vending machine, it's good to mark it as amenity=fuel + vending_machine=yes.”

"A vending machine dispensing motor fuel. (Use with: amenity=fuel, vending_machine=yes, vending=fuel)"

While amenity=fuel is clearly intending for motor vehicles (cars):

The fuel tag is used to map a fuel station, also known as a filling station, petrol station, gas station and petrol garage. It is the retail-type facility where motor vehicles can be refueled. Fuel stations for watercraft, aircraft and rail vehicles are using different tags

"[use] amenity=vending_machine + vending=fuel for micromapping the individual fuel pumps"

and shop=fuel was intended for drummed fuel shops used to refill motorcycles

“Do not confuse this with amenity=fuel (fuel stations) which sell several varieties of motor fuel in quantities large enough to fill a full-size vehicle or truck. Avoiding such confusion is a major reason for creating this tag.”

how should 2) be tagged ?

Individual vending machines inside a gas station could be micromapped (amenity=fuel). So how should standalone small vending machine be tagged to differentiate from them ?

Theses standalone fuel vending machines are sometimes outside convenience stores, often on their own on the side of the road. They have usually expensive fares and very limited fuel capacity.