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This seems an excellent idea. Here are some things I do manually which it would be nice to have (semi-)automated:

  • I usually make a print-out of areas with no-name streets, divide it into 'cake-slices' and then manually number the residential streets without names. I find this makes accurate recording much easier whether on paper or dictaphone. I have not thought of a way to do this automatically, although in principle it only needs finding all unnamed residential ways in a bounding box and then assigning them a unique number or code. To start with the last 4 digits of the way id might be enough to distinguish such roads. In an ideal application these would be coded by a bounding polygon (the cake-slice), so that one could say X roads not yet named in area Y
  • I often also plan a route in Garmin MapSource (walking or driving) before visiting the area to maximise coverage of roads and minimise. As this can be exported as a GPX it would be nice to incorporate such planned itineraries on a to-do sheet.

Hope this is of interest. SK53 13:47, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

It is of interest and I will implement it as good as I can and I am always open for improvement suggestions. The street numbering is straight forward although I will of course label ways instead of roads. Regarding the routes I think I will draw a dotted line with maybe a little offset to the real coordinates to prevent clutter. --Gary68 19:41, 31 July 2009 (UTC)