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Name Ideas

As a board game is an exciting product for the OpenStreetMap community, but it's name may have to change (see Trademark Debate below), perhaps we could brain storm alternative names (possibly taglines too). I'm not declaring that the creator of this game has to choose one of these names. Anyone suggesting names here should understand that they may be used for this game or others without credit or any prize awarded (but you have a right to claim the name was your idea!).

Game title Tagline (optional) Suggested by
Map Makers a board game inspired by OpenStreetMap LastGrape/Gregory
City Builders LastGrape/Gregory
Add your name suggestion or a tagline with your name (optional)

Trademark Debate

In November it was announced the game was published, but a trademark concern was raised by the community [1]. The strongest reason for this concern is that the name "OpenStreetMap, The Boardgame" implies that it is (and will be) the only board game and/or that the board game is endorsed by an OpenStreetMap authority. Mainly the use of "the" and prominence of the logo create this concern. The creator withdrew the sale of the game and is seeking trademark permission from The OpenStreetMap Foundation.