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Please, please: do not make 2000-node-ways!

Please do not make 2000-node-ways! The rivers and borders are well done, but it takes awefull time to load the hires-data in either potlatch or JOSM if there are too many long ways... --katpatuka 12:19, 3 January 2009 (UTC)

Admin level

I saw that this country has a lot of administrative boundaries, so I propose to use

  • admin_level=4 for Macroregion
  • admin_level=5 for Region
  • admin_level=6 for Provincias
  • admin_level=7 for Municipalities
  • admin_level=8 for Municipal District
  • admin_level=9 for Section/Urban area
  • admin_level=10 for Barrio/Paraje

Xapitoun (talk) 04:08, 6 October 2014 (UTC)

This is the correct. Administrative levels layers in Shapefile can by located in this web (Source: 2010 Nationa Census, the Oficina Nacional de Estadisticas [ONE])

In that case, they omit the Macroregion admin_level, who primary use is for regional planning, and the "sub-barrio" layer which is the inferior level of demarcations in the Dominican Republic.

In the popular argot, and the City Hall in the case of the Nacional District, the concep of "Barrio" (ONE) is called Sector, and "Sub-Barrio" (ONE) is named Barrio. City Hall is the authority in the sub-divition delimitations of sub-municipal areas, which in many case differs from ONE's ones.

There are other concepts like:

-"Circumscription", political división of an urban área, primary for elections ang goverment representation of the population that live in this particular area. For example the National Distric have three circumscriptions.

- "Metropolitan Area", which includes diferent urban areas related functionally and spatially. Like Santo Domingo Metropolitan Area, result of merging the urban areas Santo Domingo de Guzmán, Santo Domingo Este, Santo Domingo Norte and Santo Domingo Oeste.

- "Conurbation" is a territory composed of diferent urban areas, related funcionally, but not necesary related spatially. For example The Conurbation of the Gran Santo Domingo, that includes Santo Domingo Metropolitan Area, Los Alcarrizos, La Guayiga, Pedro Brand, La Victoria, Guerra, San Luis, Boca Chica, Bajos Haina, San Cristóbal and San Gregorio de Nigua (administred by the mancomunity of Gran Santo Domingo).

The proposed "Ley de ordenamiento territorial" includes other divisions like "Ejes Geográficos" and "Metropolitan Districts".