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Keep up the good work Stanton!

When I first visited the area Osthang was a black piste, Galzig-Kandahar and Pfannenkopf were red. Current piste grading by the resort is fairly arbitrary, but we map what is on the ground!

I'd love to see some of the 'standard' off-piste runs, such as the gullies from Tanzboden usually known collectively as Backseite, the little chutes off the Schoengraben lift, a line off the shoulder of Galzig-Kandahar, the direct runs from Galzig to St. Cristoph, and down to the bottom station of Arlenmahder lift, the old regular runs from Maiensee and higher up piste 8 back to Wildfuettering, Schweinstroege, etc. If you haven't done these take a camera up on a fine day with spring snow and you'll discover there are more skiable lines than you'd believe: so plenty more to map!

Many of these have names (including, I'm lead to believe the gully directly below the top station of the Schindlergratbahn). There used to be a couple of books available about the area: get in touch if you haven't seen them. SK53 21:51, 6 January 2011 (UTC)