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Tallahassee, Florida

latitude: 30.451667, longitude: -84.268533
Browse map of Tallahassee 30°27′06.00″ N, 84°16′06.72″ W
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Tallahassee is a city in Florida at latitude 30°27′06.00″ North, longitude 84°16′06.72″ West.

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Feature Status Remarks mapped/checked by
Street names Labelled (2/4) The Tiger import leaves us with a rather completely named town. Abbreviations need to be removed from streets. As streets are reviewed for accuracy, the abbreviations should be removed. This makes it easy to visual what streets have and have not been reviewed. maxolasersquad
Roads Car (2/4) The Tiger import is mostly complete. Newer built or changed roads need to be fixed, and a few areas have roads mapped in the general area they exist, but need some major tweaking to set right. maxolasersquad
Cycleways Bike (0/4) Very few roads with bicycle lanes are marked as such, and only a few paths dedicated for bicycle use are mapped. maxolasersquad
Footways Foot (0/4) Very few sidewalks are mapped. Southwood in Southeast Tallahassee has sidewalks, but few exist outside of there. maxolasersquad
Wheelchair access Transport (0/4) Wheelchair accessibility has been marked in only a small handful of places. maxolasersquad
Public Transportation Public (1/4) Some bus stops are marked. maxolasersquad
Petrol Stations Fuel (0/4) Almost a small handful of gas stations are mapped. maxolasersquad
Restaurants Restaurant (1/4) Spotty coverage. maxolasersquad
Tourist attractions Tourist (0/4) Outside of the Capital, what we consider to be tourist attractions here? maxolasersquad
Natural Resource Nature (1/4) Some lakes and wooded areas are mapped, but most need to be retraced maxolasersquad
Housenumber Housenumbers (0/4) Very buildings are mapped, and only a subset of those have their housenumber marked maxolasersquad

To Do

  • Review all imported Tiger data.
  • Map FAMU, and TCC, building and all with addresses tagged.
  • Map public schools.
  • Mark roads with dedicated bicycle lanes.


  • Lakes: Very few mapped, or poorly mapped.
  • Rivers: Very few mapped, or poorly mapped.


The imported data is fairly good, but reviews from Bing imagery and on foot reveal problems sometimes, especially in more wooded areas with dirt roads.

Mass Transportation Systems

The train tracks are properly mapped. Some bus stations have been added, but it is far from incomplete. No bus routes have been added. This would be a cool project, but there are probably bigger fish to fry. [1] has good information about StarMetro, the public bus transportation provider in Tallahassee. Licensing restrictions/allowances will first need to be verified.

Airport Link TAL has been mapped pretty well, but more detail could be useful.


All Interstate, Primary, and Secondary highways (as tagged by the Tiger data) has been reviewed. Only lesser streets are left to review.


MapDust: http://www.mapdust.com/?zoom=13&lat=3560008.86449&lon=-9382088.26881&layers=B0T