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This template displays a list of links to external tools, within the infobox displayed in description pages for OSM relation types, OSM tag keys, or OSM full tags (key and value).

  • {{DescriptionLinks|rtype= rtype |lang= lang }}
  • {{DescriptionLinks|key= key |lang= lang }}
  • {{DescriptionLinks|key= key |value= value |lang= lang }}
    • rtype is the identifier of an OSM relation type. It if is not specified the following 2 parameters will be used:
      • key is the key of an OSM tag. It is mandatory if rtype is not specified;
      • value is the value of an OSM tag. It is only used in association with a specified key.
    • lang allows setting the appropriate language code to use to determine the list of relevant Taginfo sites (with Template:TaginfoLinksPerLanguage). It may be used to translate or adapt the presentation of the generated bulleted list and other displayed labels.


This template uses internally Template:TaginfoLinks for matching relevant Taginfo sites, and should be modified and kept in sync with the list of active TagInfo sites.

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