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Full parameter set in vertical format
Vertical list Prerequisites Brief instructions / notes
| type       = 
| key        = 
| value      = 
| status     = 
| statuslink = 
| lang       = 
| rtype      = 
  • If a field name is listed in the Prerequisites column it is a prerequisite for the field to the left.

The following parameters are recognised:

Description type

  • type: set to key to describe a single key; set to value to describe a key/value pair
  • key: the key being described
  • value: if type=value, the value being described, otherwise ignored
  • status: the approval status of this feature; possible values include:
    • inuse: the feature is in use
    • approved: the feature has successfully completed the approval process
    • rejected: the feature was rejected during the approval process
    • voting: the feature is currently being voted on as part of the approval process
    • proposed: the feature has been formally proposed
    • draft: the feature has a draft proposal being written
    • abandoned: the approval process for this feature has been terminated before completion
    • defacto: the tag is in widespread use, but no formal proposal process has taken place
  • statuslink: name of the proposal page, for linking
  • lang: the ISO 639-2 code for the language used to document this feature: this will generate aspects of the description box in the specified language, if translations are available
  • rtype: .


Note: In these examples, long lines have been wrapped for convenience. The advanced formatting parameters, class, float, style and languagelinks are not show, as their values are specific to use as examples.

| type       = value
| key        = tourism
| value      = zoo
| status     = approved
| statuslink = Talk:Tag:tourism=zoo
| lang       = en
| rtype      = 

approvedPage for proposal

| type       = value
| key        = sport
| value      = climbing
| status     = undefined
| lang       = de


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