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For more details on this topic, see Error: Parameter 1 required in {{PageList}}.
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This template requires one parameter for the target link, optional parameters may specify additional links.

This template is multilingual and uses the language of the current page, as detected by {{Langcode}}. The message is then translated and formatted accordingly.

If the current page still does not specify a language code prefix but is in another language than English (for example in an untranslated page related to some local place name), you may force the language to display by using the optional parameter: lang=language-code.


  • {{Details|OpenStreetMap|Wiki|Category:OSM Community|wikipedia:OpenStreetMap}} renders as:
For more details on this topic, see OpenStreetMap, Wiki, Category:OSM Community, and wikipedia:OpenStreetMap.
  • {{Details|lang= ar |Ar:OpenStreetMap|Ar:Wiki|Category:Ar:OSM Community|wikipedia:ar:OpenStreetMap}} renders as:
لمزيد من التفاصيل حول هذا الموضوع، راجع Ar:OpenStreetMap، Ar:Wiki، Category:Ar:OSM Community و wikipedia:ar:OpenStreetMap۔
  • {{Details|lang= fr |OpenStreetMap|FR:Wiki|Category:FR:Communauté OSM|wikipedia:fr:OpenStreetMap}} renders as:
Pour plus de détails à ce sujet, consultez OpenStreetMap, FR:Wiki, Category:FR:Communauté OSM et wikipedia:fr:OpenStreetMap.
  • {{Details|lang= ja |JA:OpenStreetMap|JA:Wiki|Category:JA:OSMコミュニティ|wikipedia:ja:オープンストリートマップ}} renders as:
本件について詳しくは、JA:OpenStreetMapJA:WikiCategory:JA:OSMコミュニティ および wikipedia:ja:オープンストリートマップを参照してください。
  • {{Details|lang= pl |OpenStreetMap|Pl:Wiki|Category:Pl:OSM Community|wikipedia:pl:OpenStreetMap}} renders as:
Aby uzyskać więcej informacji na ten temat, patrz OpenStreetMap, Wiki, Category:Pl:OSM Community oraz wikipedia:pl:OpenStreetMap.
  • {{Details|lang= uk |OpenStreetMap|Wiki|Category:Uk:OSM Community|wikipedia:Uk:OpenStreetMap}} renders as:
Для отримання додаткової інформації див. OpenStreetMap, Uk:Wiki, Category:Uk:OSM Community, і wikipedia:Uk:OpenStreetMap.

See also

  • {{PageList}} – used internally to format the comma-separated list of links according to the language specified.