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Greek Road and route icons.


The size field is optional. The default size is 15 pixels high (x15px).

Icon Syntax Output
Motorway number {{GR icon|A|number|size}} Α1
Generic Motorway shield {{GR icon|A|3=size}} Motorway
E-road number {{GR icon|E|number|size}} E 01
Generic E-road shield {{GR icon|E|3=size}} E-road
National Road number {{GR icon|EO|number|size}} ΕΟ1
Blank National Road shield {{GR icon|EO|3=size}} National Road
Old National Road number {{GR icon|OEO|number|size}} Old ΕΟ1
Blank Old National Road shield {{GR icon|OEO|3=size}} Old National Road
Motorway icon {{GR icon|Motorway|size}} Motorway
Motorroad icon {{GR icon|Motorroad|size}} Motorroad
Priority road icon {{GR icon|Priority|size}} Priority Road
Border icon {{GR icon|Border|size}} Border
Ferry icon {{GR icon|Ferry|size}} Ferry
Example values for the ‘size’ field
(Default) 50px x50px
Α1 Α1 Α1


  • {{GR A ref}}
  • {{GR nat icon}}

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