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Template for the Generator:source=hydro table in the Tag:generator:source=hydro page. Use the default English text or use the template arguments for your translations


All parameters are optional. By default, text is in English. English writers shall write their comments in the template itself (avoiding double edition). Other languages are translated in template arguments, not in the template itself.

== section header ==
|name=        (section header line)
== One key/value row ==
|source=   |method=   |desc=   |photo=   |type=

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Table generator:source=hydro with different methods

Source / method Description Photo Generator types
2020 stBN powergensource water.svg hydro water-storage Generator producing electricity with turbines fed by water coming from a lake behind a dam Bleilochtalsperre francis_turbine, kaplan_turbine, pelton_turbine
water-pumped-storage Generator producing electricity like generator:method=water-storage and additionally able to pump water from a lower lake to the storage lake when needed. Geesthacht francis_turbine
run-of-the-river Generator producing electricity with turbine using stream of a river (with no storage dam) Eichicht francis_turbine, kaplan_turbine, pelton_turbine

This table is a wiki template with a default description in English. Editable here.