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Display an icon and links to the corresponding wiki page.

If you want to use the icons elsewhere, they are all listed at Category:Element_icon.


Wikitext Produces Description
{{Icon|node}} or {{Icon|n}} node node
{{Icon|node|30px}} or {{Icon|n|30px}} node node (magnified)
{{Icon|way}} or {{Icon|w}} way way / line
{{Icon|closedway}} or {{Icon|c}} closed way closed way / polygon
{{Icon|area}} or {{Icon|a}} area area
{{Icon|relation}} or {{Icon|r}} relation relation
{{Icon|member}} or {{Icon|m}} member member
{{Icon|role}} or {{Icon|o}} Role role
{{Icon|tag}} or {{Icon|t}} tag tag
{{Icon|key}} or {{Icon|k}} key key
{{Icon|value}} or {{Icon|v}} Value value