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Map[{{{map}}} OHM link]
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The Infobox OHM Project template may be used to summarize information about a Open Historical Map Project.


This infobox can be added by copying and pasting the template shown below:

Note: Only the "name" is required, all other attributes are optional.

OHM Project {{{name}}}
[[Open Historical Map/Projects/{{{parent}}}|{{{parent}}}]], [[Open Historical Map/Projects/{{{parent2}}}|{{{parent2}}}]], [[Open Historical Map/Projects/{{{parent3}}}|{{{parent3}}}]], [[Open Historical Map/Projects/{{{parent4}}}|{{{parent4}}}]]
[[{{{child}}}|{{{child}}}]], [[{{{child2}}}|{{{child2}}}]], [[{{{child3}}}|{{{child3}}}]]
Helps organise child projects?{{{helps-organise-children}}}

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Map[{{{map}}} OHM link]
{{Infobox OHM Project
 |name          = 
 |bodystyle     = 
 |image         = 
  |imagesize    = 
  |caption      = 
 |parent        = 
  |parent2      =
  |parent3      =
  |parent4      =
 |child        = 
  |child2      =
  |child3      =
 |helps-organise-children = 
 |type          =
 |progress      =
 |footnotes     = 

General parameters

  • name – the name of the project (e.g., Ancient Rome)
  • bodystyle – any valid CSS markup that is applied to the infobox table as a whole. (you may need to use !important to override default values specified elsewhere)
  • image – an image for the project, given in the form of 'example.jpg'. (i.e., do not specify the size, caption, position, etc., and do not prefix it with 'File:' or 'Image:')
    • imagesize – sets the width of the project image, given in 'px'. When not specified, the default is 180px. (e.g., 150px)
    • caption – a descriptive sentence that describes the image. (e.g., This OHM Project is about project topic.)
  • parent – the name of the parent project for this project (e.g., Ancient Roman Empire)
    • parent2 / parent3 / parent4 – the name of additional parent projects (e.g., Ancient World)
  • child – the name of the child project for this project (e.g., Palatine Hill)
    • child2 / child3 – the name of additional child projects (e.g., Aventine Hill)
  • helps-organise-children – if set to "y", "yes", or "1", it indicates that the project will be active in helping organise subprojects (including task forces and work groups); "n", "no", or "0" indicate the project does not intend to set those up; anything else will be treated as a free-form comment, such as a link to more information.
  • type – type of project (e.g. Ancient world).
  • progress - progress of the project to date expressed as a percentage, used for the progress bar.
  • footnotes – any additional free-form notes about the project.

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