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Common template

 | name=Sample Layer
 | author=Author1;[[User:Author2|Author2]]
 | screenshot=NameToFile.ext
 | screenshot_caption=City, Country
 | slippy_web=[[https://example.com/linkToSlippyMap example.com]]

Complete template

 | name=
 | discontinued=
 | alt_name=
 | author=
 | screenshot=
 | screenshot_caption=
 | based_on=
 | slippy_web=
 | usage_policy=
 | tiles_languages=
 | tiles_languagesurl=
 | tiles_license=
 | style_web=
 | style=license=
 | description=
 | repo=
 | notlayer=


name (required)
Name of the layer
discontinued (optional)
Set discontinued = yes if the tiles layer has been disabled
alt_name (optional)
Other names than name, Multiple values shall be seperated by semicolons (;)
author (optional)
Name of the author or a link to their OSM-Wiki profile page
screenshot (optional)
Name of the image to be displayed in the infobox
Example: screenshot = Baclaran and Pasay Rotunda - in Standard map layer.png
screenshot_caption (optional)
Displays caption below the image defined with screenshot
Requires: screenshot
based_on (optional)
Multiple values shall be seperated by semicolons (;)
slippy_web (optional)
Provide a link to a Slippy Map (website where you can view tiles as map) here
Example: slippy_web = [https://example.com/map/carto example.com]
usage_policy (optional)
tiles_languages (optional)
List of languages supported by the layer seperated by semicolons (;), Use ISO 639-1 and order alphabetically
Exampe: tiles_languages = de;en;fr
tiles_languagesurl (optional)
Used to associate a link to all languages defined by tiles_languages
Requires: tiles_languages
Example: tiles_languagesurl = https://example.com/de
tiles_license (optional)
style_web (optional)
style_license (optional)
description (optional)
repo (optional)
General link to source code, style_web shall be preferred if possible
notlayer (optional)
Normally the category Category:Tiles layer is added on every page which includes this template. To disable this behaviour set notlayer = yes
tiles_web (deprecated)


Category:Slippy map
Added to every article, if slippy_web is set
Category:Tiles layer
Added to every article which includes this template. Can be disabled by setting notlayer = yes
Added, if a deprecated parameter is used

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