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Used to describe the surface quality of the track, path or road.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering Photo
tracktype grade1 way Solid[1].
Usually a paved surface (called also  Sealed road).
Cesta od Leštiny do Lipnice nad Sázavou (2).jpg
tracktype grade2 way Mostly solid.
Usually an unpaved track with surface of gravel mixed with a varying amount of sand, silt, and clay. See Gravel road.
May be applicable to heavily degraded and crumbled roads which was paved in past.
Tracktype grade2.jpg
tracktype grade3 way Even mixture of hard and soft materials.
An unpaved track.
Tracktype grade3.jpg
tracktype grade4 way Mostly soft.
An unpaved track prominently with soil/sand/grass, but with some hard or compacted materials mixed in.
tracktype grade5 way Soft.
An unimproved track lacking hard materials, uncompacted, with surface of soil/sand/grass.
Tracktype grade5.jpg
tracktype <no value> way If no tracktype tag is present, the track is rendered with a dot-dash line style (as shown right).
Photo not applicable

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