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This tag documentation has been labelled as {{no proposal}} because it has no proposal but is listed in the Map features list and lacks of one of the following reasons:

  1. it is not a widely used
  2. it is not a simple tag or otherwise well known
  3. it presents conflicts or inconsistency with other tags

In such case Map features page should be edited to remove such feature, please do not add this template to such pages.

Note that page with a proposal does not mean that it can be added to Map features list.

Overall, this template appears to not have an usecase.

Missing proposal is not a serious issue. The {{no proposal}} template is not intended as a telling off for anybody. People are very welcome to spend time creating new tag documentation, and mappers are absolutely free in what and how they tag in the OpenStreetMap database, and how they document tags on the wiki, including not using the proposal process.

Some members of the OpenStreetMap community believe that it is very important that tags go through a proposal phase, others believe that this is a needless complication.

If you wish to follow the proposal process a proposal should be created and listed on the Proposed features page. This brings a number of benefit for everyone:

  • The community can talk about and help the proposer to choose a good tag for a feature, and to improve the description
  • The community gets notified about the new tag
  • People proposing can get in touch with people who are interested in the scenario and may use the tag (also people who will help add translations, embed to editors, create a map,...)
  • New Mappers don't see confusing and conflicting tag documentation when distinguishing very similar features

For these reasons, the proposed feature process was created.

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