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Trademarked ™ OpenStreetMap Foundation

This file is (or includes) one of the official logos or designs used by the OpenStreetMap Foundation or by one of its projects. Use of the OpenStreetMap Foundation logos, trademarks and servicemarks may require permission by OpenStreetMap Foundation. If you have questions about your use of the marks, please send your questions to the Licence Working Group of OpenStreetMap Foundation. For more information see the Trademark Policy.

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This template should be used on files with trademarks of OpenStreetMap, for example logos and screenshots showing logos and/or marks of www.openstreetmap.org, wiki.openstreetmap.org and wiki.osmfoundation.org

{{OpenStreetMap trademark}}

Note: this template is not a "license". Regardless of the license of the file, it's just a information/warning concerning some elements of the files. It's like the situation of a photo licensed in Public Domain/CC0, if that photo has a person, we can't do what we want with that image because for some uses (commercials, for example) we need a model release, since personality rights weren't granted. See for example the template for personality right in wikimedia Commons (can be used in open licenses files).

Some examples and explanations:

File Observation
Vespucci-Tageditor-small.png Since Vespucci uses the OpenStreetMap logotype (and other images, like tag icons), the image must use this template.

Note: probably, like many OpenStreetMap related software, the author of Vespucci didn't asked for permission to use the OpenStreetMap logotype, but since Vespucci is released under a Open Source license, it supports OpenStreetMap (and help a lot OpenStreetMap users), and doesn't have commercial purposes, OpenStreetMap Foundation doesn't enforce the need to have permission to use the registered design of the logotype (this is just a observation by a regular OpenStreetMap user, not a OpenStreetMap Foundation statement).

Round sticker surveyor 64mm.svg Since this logotype/image is based (and very similar) on OpenStreetMap logotype, the image must use this template.
OSMF OpenStreetMap Foundation Logo.jpg This is not really a OpenStreetMap Foundation logo, but is a proposed one. Even if this logotype wasn't submitted under the agreement it would be licensed (rights transferred to OpenStreetMap Foundation), anyway it uses the trademark "OpenStreetMap Foundation". So at least the trademark can't be used, or registered, since is registered by OpenStreetMap Foundation.

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