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This template collects all notes of a software together. Some common information is displayed as an infobox. The template was also used by User:TTTBot to extract data for the lists on Software.


Use only one single instance of this template! Don't add multiple ones on translated pages! You don't have to provide all information but try to gather as much as possible to get a nice overview for different perspectives of your tool (e.g. navigation, development, ... aspects).


|name           = xyz
|author         = 
|wiki           = xyz
|web            = http://www.xyz.org
|repo           = http://
|platform       = win;winxp;wm;linux;macos;iphone;android;palm;j2me;j2se
|code           = C;C++;C#;Python;Java
|framework      = GTK+;mono;J2ME;OpenGL;
|languages      = DE;EN;MUL
|languagesurl   = <!-- optional URL -->
|genre          = display;navi;logger;router;editor;renderer;converter;analyser
|license        = GPL;BSD;free;proprietary
|price          = 20$;35€;gratis
|version        = 1.0
|date           = 2010-12-24
|screenshot     = xyz.jpg
|description    = Easy to use, nice UI
|asin           = XXXXXXXXXX
|bbWorldID      = XXX
|googlePlayID   = org.xyz
|fDroidID       = org.xyz
|firefoxMarketplaceID = XXX
|appleStoreID   = id12344556
|macAppStoreID  = id12344556

|map        = yes
|tracking   = no
|monitoring = no
|navigating = no
|routing    = yes

|mapData    = raster;vector
|datasource = online;cache;offline
|rotateMap  = yes;no
|3D         = yes;no

|navToPoint              = yes;no
|findLocation            = yes;no
|findNearbyPOI           = yes;no
|predefinedRoute         = yes;no
|calculateRoute          = yes;no
|calculateRouteOffline   = yes;no
|createRouteViaWaypoints = yes;no
|profiles                = car;bike;foot;wheelchair
|turnRestrictions        = yes;no
|voice                   = yes;no
|keepOnRoad              = yes;no
|withoutGPS              = yes;no
|routingProviders        = OpenRouteService;Yours;CloudMade;MapQuest

|customInterval     = yes;no
|trackFormats       = gpx;kml;nmea;csv;trk;...
|geotagging         = note;photo;audio
|fastWayPointAdding = yes;no
|uploadGPX          = yes;no
|sendPosition       = yes;no;sms;mail;www

|showTrack           = yes;no
|showExistingTrack   = yes;no
|showAltitudeDiagram = yes;no
|showDOP             = yes;no
|showSatellites      = yes;no
|showNMEAlive        = yes;no

|accessibility       = blind;wheelchair
|textOnlyUI          = yes;no
|brailleUI           = yes;no
|explorerMode        = yes;no
|publicTransportMode = yes;no
|dangerWarnings      = yes;no
|screenReader        = NVDA;....
|screenReaderLang    = EN;DE;...

|addPOI          = yes;no
|addWay          = yes;
|editSource      = online;cache;offline
|editPOI         = yes;no
|editTags        = yes;no
|editGeom        = yes;no
|editRelations   = yes;no
|viewNotes       = yes;no
|editNotes       = yes;no
|offsetDBsupport = yes;no
|uploadOSMData   = yes;no

|rendererOutputFormats = svg;pdf;png;...

|showSpeed       = yes;no



|name = 
Display name
|author = 
Who started this project? Who maintains?
|wiki = 
Link back to the page in this wiki
|web = 
Web address
|repo = or |svn = 
URL to view or download the source code (for example, a Git, Subversion, or CVS repository)
|platform = 
list of platforms it runs on
|code = 
list of languages used
|framework = 
list of frameworks used
|languages = 
supported languages (list of valid language codes separated by commas or semicolons, which are then displayed using {{Languagename}}; use "mul" in the list for "multiple languages")
|languagesurl = 
link to the actual full list of languages supported, described on another page (e.g. a portal page for the software, or a repository)
|genre = 
main category for this tool
|license = 
what free license or proprietary?
|price = 
Costs if proprietary. If price is empty, application is for free.
|version = 
latest version
|date = 
latest release date
|screenshot = 
a screenshot (remove line if none)
|description = 
brief description. What distinguishes this from other tools?
|asin = 
Amazon Standard Identification Number for the Amazon Appstore for Android
|bbWorldID = 
BlackBerry World application ID
|googlePlayID = 
Google Play Store application ID
|fDroidID = 
F-Droid application ID
|firefoxMarketplaceID = 
Mozilla Firefox Marketplace application ID
|appleStoreID = 
iTunes App Store application ID
|macAppStoreID = 
Mac App Store application ID
|microsoftAppID = 
Microsoft Store Windows application UUID


|map = 
Can it show a map?
|tracking = 
Can it record a GPS track?
|monitoring = 
Can you monitor GPS datas?
|navigating = 
Can you navigate in a compass like way?
|routing = 
Can you route along a road network?

Map display

|mapData = 
Maps drawn using pre-calculated/rasterized images or "on the fly"?
|datasource = 
Can you store all map data offline? Download a separate file?
|rotateMap = 
Does it turn the map in driving direction?
|3D = 
Is there some 3D or 2.5D view?


|navToPoint = 
Can it guide you to a point somewhere?
|findLocation = 
Can it search for a street/place?
|findNearbyPOI = 
Can it discover/display Points of interests?
|predefinedRoute = 
Can it follow other GPS tracks?
|calculateRoute = 
Can it calculate a route using routing?
|calculateRouteOffline = 
Does it need internet to calculate a route?
|profiles = 
What profiles supported if it makes routing?
|turnRestrictions = 
Can it deal with turn restrictions
|voice = 
Can it give you commands with a computer voice?
|keepOnRoad = 
Can it assist you to keep your vehicle on the calculated route?
|withoutGPS = 
Does it work even without a GPS?
|routingProviders = 
What routing service(s) does it use?

Track logging

|customInterval = 
Can you tune the interval manually?
|trackFormats = 
What formats for storage can you save your GPS track?
|geotagging = 
Are further Mapping Techniques supported
|fastWayPointAdding = 
Easy to add a new Waypoint?
|uploadGPX = 
Can it send tracks directly to OSM?
|sendPosition = 
Can it send position to others?

Track monitoring

|showTrack = 
Show your current track?
|showExistingTrack = 
Can it load existing tracks so you can follow them?
|showAltitudeDiagram = 
|showDOP = 
Shows signal quality?
|showSatellites = 
Displays satellites?
|showNMEAlive = 
Can you see the raw GPS stream?


|accessibility = 
Does it help disabled people in some kind?
|textOnlyUI = 
Text so braille compatible interface?
|brailleUI = 
A special braille interface?
|explorerMode = 
 ? nobody knows...
|publicTransportMode = 
Supports routing with public transport?
|dangerWarnings = 
|screenReader = 
List of supported Screenreaders
|screenReaderLang = 
And their languages


|addPOI = 
Can you add a node?
|addWay = 
Can you add a way?
|editSource = 
Can you work offline?
|editPOI = 
Can you edit a node?
|editTags = 
Can you edit existing tags?
|editGeom = 
Can you edit nodes/ways?
|editRelations = 
Can you edit relations?
|viewNotes = 
Can you view OSM Notes?
|editNotes = 
Can you add/comment OSM Notes?
|offsetDBsupport = 
Does it support the imagery offset DB?
|uploadOSMData = 
Can you send changes to OSM directly?


|rendererOutputFormats = 
supported output formats


|showSpeed = 


  • find all software from wiki pages list, categories, renderer, editors, converter,...
  • make a Project of the week to check the lists

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