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This template is an anchor for automatically generated software tables. It tells bot software where tables should be placed and what information should be displayed there.

Note that tables will not be created and updated instantly. You will need to wait for the next bot run to see the results.


The template is called like this:


Arbitrary additional parameters can be added besides cols and lang.


The lang parameter chooses a table's localization. This feature isn't supported yet. All tables will be in English!


The value of cols is a comma-separated, ordered list that selects the columns and column groups making up the table.

Available columns and groups

  • (individual columns)
    • name ("Name")
    • nameAndWeb ("Name")
    • screenshot ("Screenshot")
    • genres ("Genre")
    • platforms ("Platform")
    • mobile_platforms ("Platform")
    • language_german ("German")
  • desktop_platform_support_cols
    • windows_support ("Windows")
    • macos_support ("Mac")
    • linux_support ("Linux")
  • desktop_platform_version_cols
    • windows_versions ("Windows Versions")
    • macos_versions ("Mac Versions")
    • linux_versions ("Linux Versions")
  • mobile_platform_support_cols
    • android_support ("Android")
    • ios_support ("iOS")
    • winmobile_support ("Windows Mobile")
    • openmoko_support ("Openmoko")
    • maemo_support ("Maemo")
    • symbian_support ("Symbian")
    • blackberry_support ("Blackberry")
  • android_versions
  • base_cols
    • map ("Display map")
    • navigating ("Navigate")
    • tracking ("Make track")
    • monitoring ("Monitor")
    • license ("License")
    • price ("Price")
    • languages ("Languages")
    • versionAndDate ("Version")
    • description ("Description")
  • development_cols
    • author ("Creator")
    • svn ("SVN")
    • code ("Code")
    • framework ("Framework")
  • map_cols
    • vectormap ("Shows map as vector")
    • rastermap ("Shows map as bitmap")
    • datasource_offline ("Stores map-data on-board")
    • datasource_online ("Stores map-data off-board (downloads from internet)")
    • rotateMap ("Rotate map")
    • 3D ("3D view")
  • navigating_cols
    • navToPoint ("Navigate to point")
    • findLocation ("Find location")
    • findNearbyPOI ("Find nearby POIs")
    • navigateRoute_predef ("Navigate along predefined route")
    • createRouteManually ("Create route manually")
    • calculateRoute ("Calculate route")
    • calculateRouteOffline ("Calculate route without internet")
    • profile_car ("Car routing")
    • profile_bike ("Bike routing")
    • profile_foot ("Foot routing")
    • turnRestrictions ("Turn restrictions")
    • voice ("Navigation with voice")
    • keepOnRoad ("Keep on road")
    • withoutGPS ("Works without GPS")
  • routing_provider_cols
    • routing_offline ("Offline routing")
    • routing_provider_CloudMade ("CloudMade")
    • routing_provider_Yours ("Yours")
    • routing_provider_MapQuest ("MapQuest")
    • routing_provider_OpenRouteService ("OpenRouteService")
  • tracking_cols
    • customInterval ("Customizable log interval")
    • format_gpx ("GPX format")
    • format_kml ("KML format")
    • format_nmea ("NMEA format")
    • formats ("All formats")
    • geotagging_note ("Geo-tagged notes")
    • geotagging_photo ("Geo-tagged photos ")
    • geotagging_audio ("Geo-tagged audio")
    • fastWayPointAdding ("Fast POI buttons")
  • monitoring_cols
    • showTrack ("Show current track")
    • showExistingTrack ("Open existing track")
    • showAltitudeDiagram ("Altitude diagram")
    • showDOP ("Show DOP value")
    • showSatellites ("Satellite view")
    • showNMEAlive ("Show live NMEA data")
    • sendPosition_sms ("Send current position via SMS")
    • sendPosition_www ("Upload current position")
  • accessibility_cols
    • accessibility_blind ("Targeted at blind users")
    • accessibility_wheelchair ("Targeted at wheelchair users")
    • textOnlyUI ("Complete non graphics text output")
    • brailleUI ("Braille interface")
    • explorerMode ("Exploration modus (tell all objects approaching)")
    • dangerWarnings ("Danger Warnings")
    • publicTransportMode ("Public Transport mode")
    • screenReader ("Screenreader")
    • screenReaderLanguages ("Screenreader languages")
  • editing_cols
    • addPOI ("Add POIs")
    • editPOI ("Edit / Delete POIs")
    • editTags ("Edit arbitrary tags of existing OSM objects")
    • editGeom ("Edit geometries")
    • offsetDBsupport ("Support imagery offset DB")
    • uploadOSMData ("Upload to OSM")

This list is generated automatically by a bot. The information is based on the bot's internal configuration.

Other parameters

All additional parameters are filters that determine the lines of the table. The key (part before the '=') is a key from Template:Software2. The value can either be a single allowed value or a regular expression (Java style) describing the set of allowed values. An entry must match all requirements in order to show up in the table.

If you need a pipe character | in the regular expression, you can use a slash / instead. The pipe character is used by MediaWiki to separate template parameters.



This use of the template requests generation of a table with a column for the programs' names and a set of columns that contain details about track making features. If possible, labels should be in English. The table will only contain programs that, according to the "tracking" field of Template:Software2, support tracking and have "android" or "Android" listed within their "platform" field (with arbitrary characters before and after that word).

See What links here for a list of sites using the template; they can serve as additional examples.