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If you found a translation page which is translated incompletely, use this label by placing {{Translation not complete}} in the wiki text of a page.

The label also automatically lists the wiki page in: Category:Translation not complete or other international version of the category.

You can use the following optional parameters for this template:

  • status=done (optional) – "This page contains a recently completed translation ..." (progress = 100% complete).
  • srclang= (optional, deprecated) – language NAME of the original article (default: "English"): only used if you don't provide the full page name of the original article in the next parameter.
    This parameter has also compatibility aliases 1= or idi=
  • art= (optional, but recommended) – full page name (with its namespace) of the original article: when this parameter is set, its language will be determined automatically from its language code prefix.
    This parameter has also compatibility alias 2=
  • artrev= (optional; WIP, not yet implemented) – can be used to provide direct link to Special:ComparePages "what was changed at source page since it was translated" and additional logic using parser functions like REVISIONID
  • lang= (optional, should not be needed in most cases) – language code of the current page if the language can't be determined automatically (only used to select the translation displayed by this template).
    You can avoid this parameter by renaming the current translated page with the correct language code prefix which is probably missing (use a language code in capitals for DE,ES,FR,IT,JA,NL,RU, use a lowercase prefix for all other languages): this will also allow the {{Languages|Article name in English}} bar, to include at top of the translated article, to work correctly.
  • user= (optional) – name of the user on this wiki currently working on the translation, otherwise leave blank or don't set it.


You can translate this template by editing it and adding a block for your language code (look at existing example for French, Japanese or Russian, but the format is almost identical to the default English text).

The layout and grammar of sentences in each language may requiring reordering or adapting some items that are conditionally generated depending on some parameters above (compare for example English and Japanese versions). To test your translation and this layout, first edit the sandbox version of this template whose documentation page displays a testsuite for all possible cases of use. When all is OK with these tests, you can paste the block for your new language in the main template.


Message box, translation not complete

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Source pageart 2

Page name of the translation's source

Page namesuggested

User that is busy with translation


language code to set language for displaying if differing from namespace


alters displayed text and states that translation is done


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