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Mapillary User Mapillary takes photos for Mapillary.
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By including this template in your user page you are added to the category Mapillary Users.

Simply add {{User Mapillary}} to your page.

This userbox first presumes you have identical usernames at your OSM and Mapillary accounts, Otherwise it will link to a wrong page.

By default the Mapillary account name is the same as the current base page name (for your user page on this wiki):

{{User Mapillary}}

However you can specify a parameter to give the alternate username actually used for your profile on the Mapillary website:

{{User Mapillary|alternate user name for profile page on Mapillary website}}

If you contribute to Mapillary but you don't want to specify your Mappilary account name, or you contribute indirectly with a account you don't own (or anonymously), you can set the 1st parameter to an empty value, this will remove the external link to an inaccurate Mapillary user profile page:

{{User Mapillary|<!--no user profile page on Mapillary-->}}

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