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This is a template to collect information of a local OpenStreetMap user group. This information will be used to generate a map of local groups by user:UserGroupsBot. It only replaces the German version Template:Lokale Gruppe (thanks to User:Joto for that one).

For next meetings please refer to Current events.

By this we hope to make it more easy to get in touch with other local mappers, e. g. when you are on vacation, or to provide stats about the OSM hotspots. So please provide contact data (in English) and keep them up to date!

To make your local meeting appear to this map, just copy the following block and customize it for your own requirements. To make your group visible in the list of meetings, add "Category:Meetings in Germany". To add your group to the list of users, add Category:Users by country

{{user group
|name=Rostocker Treffen
|state=Mecklenburg Vorpommern
|meets_when=every 2nd monday
|meets_where=[http://www.planb-rostock.de Plan B.]
|photo=MV Mapping Party 3 - Das Team.jpg

[[:Category:Meetings in Germany]]
[[:Category:Users in Rostock]]


We recommend to use English which will make it easier for people of other mother tongue to get in touch with your team.
For the same reason please provide the mailinglist the locals are listening to. You don't have to provide all attributes, leave them empty if you like.
Photo is intended to show a photograph of your people, not a flag nor a image of your city!

Please don't add this template to a Category page!

This template emits an hCard microformat.


  • country/state depended categories?