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Postboxes in the Tendring District

  • There is a project to try and complete the tagging of all postboxes in the district, including their reference (ref=) as determined from the information on the front of the box (the poster on the front has a unique reference near the bottom left hand corner). Information is entered into OSM which is periodically imported by this website. Tendring is covered by postal areas CO11 (except for part of CO11 1, which is in Suffolk), CO12, CO13, CO14, CO15 and CO16 as well as parts of CO7 (roughly CO7 0, CO7 8 most of CO7 7, and two postcodes from CO7 9 - the rest of CO7 is in Colchester borough), and three postcodes from CO4 9 (the rest of CO4 also being in Colchester borough).
Area Postboxes remaining Notes
CO11 0
CO12 0
CO13 0 Completed 2nd May 2009
CO14 0 Completed 22nd February 2009
CO15 0 Completed after resurvey July 2012
CO16 0 Completed 2nd May 2009
CO7 0 0 Completed 23rd February 2009
CO7 7 0 Completed 5th March 2009
CO7 8 0 Completed as of 14th March 2009

CO11 remaining postboxes

CO11 2TD – Wheatsheaf Lane Wrabness (ref. CO11 61) - removed