Tendring(Essex District)

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Tendring(Essex District), Essex

latitude: 51.865, longitude: 1.145
Browse map of Tendring(Essex District) 51°51′54.00″ N, 1°08′42.00″ E
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Tendring(Essex District) is a district in Essex at latitude 51°51′54.00″ North, longitude 1°08′42.00″ East.

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Data Extracts

If using a XAPI bbox to cover Tendring, try [bbox=0.93,51.767,1.294,51.96].

If using Osmosis to extract Tendring from, for example, the Geofabrik Essex, England or Great Britain extracts, the following parameters should define a suitable bbox:

top=51.96 left=0.93 bottom=51.767 right=1.294


osmosis --read-pbf file=great_britain.osm.pbf --bounding-box top=51.96 left=0.93 bottom=51.767 right=1.294 --write-pbf file=tendring.osm.pbf

Such a pbf file can then be used for example by Maperitive for rendering custom maps of the area, or populating a database for a custom Mapnik render.

An Osmosis Polygon is also available based on the district boundary relation as at 17/03/2011. This is very detailed and makes the extraction slower than a simple bounding box, but could be using in a command such as:

osmosis --read-pbf file=great_britain.osm.pbf --bounding-polygon file=tendring.txt --write-pbf file=tendring.osm.pbf

(where tendring.txt is a text file containing the polygon information mentioned above). The polygon file was generated using the code here which dezhin mentioned on the #osm IRC channel.

Speed comparisons at extracting Tendring from Essex on 17th March took about 7 seconds using the bbox and about 196 seconds using the bounding polygon (on the same machine).


The Tendring district is usually road complete. Most of the roads in the district also have their maxspeed=* tagged to reduce the number of Skobbler reports of missing maxspeeds. There are some unclassified roads that need revisiting to confirm their speeds but it is hoped that the district will be speed limit complete shortly. User:EdLoach has Maperitive rules available on his wiki page for highlighting maxspeeds.

If roads under construction are noticed it is important that these are mapped as highway=construction as both highway=construction ways and landuse=construction areas help identify areas that need regular resurveying until construction is complete.


Most addresses in Tendring have been added to ways traced from Bing or MapBox Satellite and then split as appropriate into the correct number of properties after a survey, with the address added using the addr:housenumber=* and/or addr:housename=* (etc) tags. A mixture of AssociatedStreet relations and/or addr:street=*/addr:city=* are then used to associated individual properties with the relevant way. Progress by area is shown in the parish table below.


Much landuse=* can be determined from Bing/MapBox Satellite imagery, especially landuse=farmland or landuse=residential, and for most of the district the imagery is also good enough to identify whether barriers are hedges or fences (tag ways with barrier=hedge or barrier=fence). If in doubt exclude an area until a survey has been done to confirm current usage.


It is believed that Tendring is primary school, secondary school, and college complete, as at June 2011 Project of the Month. There are probably many nurseries that remain untagged - see amenity=kindergarten for tagging.

Bus Routes

For a map showing bus routes see here (updates roughly daily) or here (updates roughly weekly). For more details about tagging see Public Transport and Öpnvkarte.

A table that shows the known services (and their route_master relation ids) that are within or pass through the ceremonial Essex county is available at Essex/Bus_Routes.

Mapdust error reports

See here.

Other Places/Routes/Local Projects

  • The Essex Way passes through the district from Harwich to some point between Manningtree and Lawford.
  • The Eastern route for the E2, according to the removed Ramblers Association webpage, passes through Tendring after taking the "Stour Valley Path (East Anglia) to Stratford St Mary" it then takes the "Essex Way to Ramsey then link path to Harwich International". (The link path was not detailed, and while there is a choice of 2 footpaths from Ramsey to join Ray Lane to Harwich International none have special markers to indicate which is the preferred route).
  • National Cycle Route NR51 (relation 15020) passes through the district from Harwich to near where it reaches Wivenhoe.
  • In mid-2010 signs for a cycle route from Jaywick Martello Tower to Electric Cinema Harwich appeared. This route may be temporary for the duration of the project, but signs look like they'll last much longer, and sustrans is a sponsor. relation 1066850 This route endured until early 2015 when signs were removed and part was re-signed as NCN150
  • National Cycle Route NCN150 relation 5240993 from Jaywick to Frinton-on-Sea
  • EuroVelo route 2, the Capitals Route (relation 2793118) , passes through the district from Harwich International Port at Parkeston via NCN 51 to NCN 1 in Colchester, which it then follows south to London. There are no obvious signs for this.
  • EuroVelo route 12, the North Sea Cycle Route (relation 2767188) , passes through the district from Harwich International Port at Parkeston via NCN 51 to NCN 1 in Colchester, which it then follows north. The route leaves Essex to the north of Colchester, between Langham and Stratford St Mary. The route is clearly signposted between the international port and where it meets NCN 51 in Cliff Park, Dovercourt.
  • There is a project to try and complete the tagging of all postboxes in the district, including their reference (ref=) as determined from the information on the front of the box. Information is entered into OSM which is periodically imported by this website. Tendring is covered by postal areas CO11 (except for part of CO11 1, which is in Suffolk), CO12, CO13, CO14, CO15 and CO16 as well as parts of CO7 (roughly CO7 0, CO7 8 most of CO7 7, and two postcodes from CO7 9 - the rest of CO7 is in Colchester borough), and three postcodes from CO4 9 (the rest of CO4 also being in Colchester borough).
  • See this tool which highlights missing bicycle shops

Civil Parishes in the Tendring District

Area Boundary Relation House numbers surveyed
Alresford Civil Parish relation 76848 Complete
Ardleigh Civil Parish relation 76841 Complete
Beaumont Civil Parish relation 76716 Complete
Bradfield Civil Parish relation 76793 Complete
Brightlingsea Civil Parish relation 76851 Complete
Clacton (unparished area) Started - Industrial estate by station and Gorse Lane ind est etc to complete
Elmstead Civil Parish relation 76843 Complete
Frating Civil Parish relation 76847 Complete
Frinton and Walton Civil Parish relation 76725 Complete
Great Bentley Civil Parish relation 76861 Complete
Great Bromley Civil Parish relation 76845 Complete
Great Oakley Civil Parish relation 76714 Complete
Harwich Civil Parish relation 76699 Complete
Lawford Civil Parish relation 76800 Complete
Little Bentley Civil Parish relation 76846 Complete
Little Bromley Civil Parish relation 76844 Complete
Little Clacton Civil Parish relation 76866 Complete
Little Oakley Civil Parish relation 76709 Complete
Manningtree Civil Parish relation 76799 Complete
Mistley Civil Parish relation 76797 Complete
Ramsey and Parkeston Civil Parish relation 76703 The Maltings, Primrose Lane, Wrabness Road to do
St Osyth Civil Parish relation 76858 Started
Tendring Civil Parish relation 76840 Complete
Thorpe le Soken Civil Parish relation 76720 Complete
Thorrington Civil Parish relation 76853 Complete
Weeley Civil Parish relation 76863 Complete
Wix Civil Parish relation 76837 Complete
Wrabness Civil Parish relation 76791 Complete

Users in Tendring

Users in Brightlingsea

  • User:Soya_Bean - has done much of the Brightlingsea mapping. (inactive since 4 years ago)

Users in Clacton

Users in Manningtree

Places in Tendring

Places are listed here so that anyone searching for those places in the wiki can find this mapping co-ordination page.

Towns in the Tendring District

  • Brightlingsea
  • Clacton-on-Sea
  • Dovercourt
  • Frinton-on-Sea
  • Harwich
  • Manningtree (with Mistley and Lawford)
  • Walton-on-the-Naze

Villages in the Tendring District

  • Ardleigh
  • Great Bentley
  • Great Bromley
  • Great Oakley
  • Jaywick
  • Kirby-le-Soken
  • Kirby Cross
  • Little Bentley
  • Little Bromley
  • Little Oakley
  • Parkeston
  • Point Clear
  • St. Osyth
  • Tendring