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ThinkGeo's rendering of some OSM data.

ThinkGeo ( is a company that specializes in mapping and GIS software. Several of ThinkGeo's customers use OpenStreetMap data to build custom applications.

Products & Services

The following services are no longer free. They all require now a paid subcription to their proprietary services (software, data, APIs, custom development tools, user guides, and customer support). Not all their datasets are from OpenStreetMap, but their use (and modifications) of OSM data is no longer accessible.

The new offer advertizes the following two pages:

  • Map Suite GIS Services - Set of proprietary GIS tools and server-side APIs for deployment on private networks, embedded applications, or hosted on the ThinkGeo cloud.
  • Map Suite UI Controls - Proprietary map controls and components for development of .Net GIS applications with Visual Studio.

However the ThinkGeo softwares and tools can be used with unmodified OSM data downloaded from other sources (see Planet.osm) and installed separately.

Currently ThinkGeo provides its "World Map Kit" with support only for US and Canada, based on national public domain datasets (not based on OSM data, but the same datasets that are also integrated in OSM), or some commercial datasets specifically licensed by ThinkGeo for reuse only by their registered customers.

For other countries, ThinkGeo instructs users (in its support forum) that it should use OpenStreetMap data (and other open datasets) "out of the box", but it is still not directly supported by their commercial offers (even if maps can be configured in their tools to use OSM data-based WMS servers (under their respective licences and usage policies). OSM data is no longer provided in their commerical packs and these tools will depend on other services to be installed separately by their customers, or hosted by the OSM community.

Support of the OSM Community

ThinkGeo made a donation in 2013 to the fundraising drive to help purchase new servers.

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