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Tile Stitching software, is software which joins together small map tile images to form a larger map image.

Note: "Static map images" services, are a very overlapping concept. They are usually doing tile stitching. The key difference is that those are offered as a service on the web, which generate a static image at a permalinkable URL, meanwhile these are software options for running yourself. Another difference is that static map image services might actually not work by tile stitching, but by rendering on the fly.

Some static map image services which are offline now (so only really exist as software you can download and run yourself)

Some static map image services which are online (kind of):

  • StaticMapsLite (php) - Just about online at the moment but you'd definitely be better off running it yourself.
  • Tyler (python) - Has an online service but labelled "demo"

See Static map images for more details of those services.

See also Category:Tile stitching