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Available languages — MapOf
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MapOf ( was a static map images generating service created by User:Ojw. Like other such services MapOf would stitch together tile images to generate the requested larger (or smaller) map image, with the requested centering and zoom. MapOf fetched tiles from the local filesystem on the tiles@home server, and so only osmarender layer tiles were available, and now...


Tiles@home has been discontinued, and MapOf was hosted on the same server, and designed to access the tiles@home tiles directly, and so it is also discontinued. There are several suitable replacements described on the static map images page.

Image URL parameters

Image URLs are parameterised, so you can reference a particular map image directly e.g.:

Direct urls can be used in <img> tags in HTML.

Problems to note on using direct image URLS

This builds a direct dependency between your website and this MapOf service, which has been known to have periods of unavailability (which would mean no image appearing on your site)

Also the MapOf service may not scale well to many websites using it in this way. So far there aren't really any websites doing this. You'll need to discuss usage particularly if you are running a high traffic website. This "service" is not something openstreetmap offers as a core high-availability thing. To discuss service stability / scaleability with someone you'd need to contact people involved in running the tiles@home server

The firefishy proxy is set up to cache images generated by this service, so using URLs like this is better:

This is what the Simple image MediaWiki Extension uses. Even then you're hitting the tiles@home server and User:Firefishy's proxy. Discuss first.

Other static map options

See static map images for a list alternative implementations of this idea.

Although MapOf is still running it since evolved into GetMap (no longer available) and now the new StaticMap. This is a more advanced system including a web interface for designing your desired map image, and offering Mapnik and many other layer choices.