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GetMap ( was a static map image generating service (one of several. See static map images). Specify centering and zoom by pasting a map permalink. GetMap offers a choice of tile sets. It works by stitching together tile images to generate the requested larger (or smaller) map image.

GetMap was hosted on tiles@home server which has recently gone offline

Created by User:Ojw

Other static map options

StaticMap is a more advanced version of GetMap, featuring a web interface for constructing your desired image, and feature for drawing markers, lines and polygons.

A precursor to this was MapOf which is limited to omarender tiles (fetches tiles from the local filesystem on the tiles@home server). GetMap also takes a permalink parameter instead of the lat lon and zoom.

Bigmap forms a big map arranging tile images side by side. It doesn't actually stitch the tiles to give you a downloadable larger image, although it does offer a perl script download to achieve this.

You can also grab a map images by simply taking a screenshot. Simply press 'prnt scrn' button on your keyboard, then paste the image from your clipboard to another app. You may prefer to use other screenshotting utilities such as the Firefox plugin FireShot. Before taking a screenshot go full screen on your browser (press f11) for a larger image. Some browsers have a zoom feature which rescales the tile images. Use this to achieve half-zoom levels.