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Currently unfinished documentation

Saving a local copy of an upload

The purpose described here is to both contribute to the T@h server and to use own rendered maps in favourite osm applications. Sometimes it can be useful to have a local "slippymap" copy of the imagery that one uploads to the Tiles@home server. As an example you might want to have your maps using your own updated rendered imagery without downloading the same imagery from the T@h server putting a double load on it for no reason.

Thus there is a file called config.defaults which has the option

LocalSlippymap = 0

On the page Creating_your_own_tiles#Creating_tiles_with_Osmarender.2FTiles.40Home it is documented a bit but I do not understand the instructions and they seem outdated.

If the community doesn't have time then I may devote some of my own to find out by testing what doesn't work until I finally make it work. Here's a mailing list post that gives some clues: http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/tilesathome/2010-September/006541.html I guess it would be good if I devoted some time to this.

Other sources that could help: Creating_your_own_tiles permalink 4 March 2009