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Zoom levels 6 through 11 caption

Tiles layer caption for zoom levels 6 through 11 have to be generated manually and uploaded to the server, for now. Plan is that later the client will make this automaticly.

The server will generate the main tile layer by stitching captionless tiles from zoom 12 and compositing the caption layer over the top. This will be done more frequently after all zoom 6 tilesets are done.

Zoom levels 0 to 5

These zoom levels are generated using the standard stitching technique on the server when zoom 6 is ready. Because the zoom 6 captions become unreadable at lower zoom levels it is best to use the captionless layer as the source for this step. In the future when the known projection bug is solved it will be possible to composite in the caption layer, but for the moment it should not be included.

Generating Tiles

Use the following commands to generate these zoom levels:

  • Create caption tiles
 tilesGen.pl --Layers=caption xy x y 6

you can omit the "--Layers=caption" part, the client will autoswitch to that layer if the zoom is given

  • And upload
 tilesGen.pl upload
  • When ImageMagick is installed (done on the server, usually not required):
 tilesGen.pl --Layers=caption,captionless,tile xy x y 6
 tilesGen.pl --Layers=captionless,tile xy x y 4
 tilesGen.pl --Layers=tile xy 0 0 0


Will run more actively on server once all zoom 6 tilesets is created.