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This page lists tile server software, for online instances of tile servers, see Raster tile providers and Vector tiles#Providers.

For OSMF servers, including tile servers see Servers

Name Raster tiles Vector tiles Data source Primary language License
mod_tile[1] yes no depends on backend C++ GPL-2.0
TileSweep[2] yes no depends on Mapnik XML C MIT
TileServer GL[3] yes yes MBTiles, tiles over HTTP JavaScript BSD-2-Clause
mbtileserver yes yes MBTiles Go ISC
Martin no yes PostGIS, MBTiles, PMTiles Rust Apache-2.0/MIT
pg_tileserv no yes PostGIS Go Apache-2.0
Tegola no yes PostGIS, GeoPackage Go MIT
t-rex no yes PostGIS, GDAL vectors Rust MIT

See also

  1. mod_tile depends on Apache and requires a rendering backend like renderd (which uses Mapnik) or Tirex (which supports several backends).
  2. TileSweep renders tiles with Mapnik via libmapnik.
  3. TileServer GL can render tiles with MapLibre GL Native, there is also a Light version which does not depend on the rasterization library.