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Several commands log to syslog. The default facility is daemon.

  • tirex-master, change facility by setting master_syslog_facility in /etc/tirex/tirex.conf.
  • tirex-backend-manager, change facility by setting backend_manager_syslog_facility in /etc/tirex/tirex.conf.
  • The rendering backends tirex-renderd-* also log to syslog, change facility by setting syslog_facility in /etc/tirex/renderer/*.conf.

The command line option --debug enables verbose logging. The commands will then log to STDERR in addition to syslog.

Master logfile

The tirex-master logs all metatiles rendered to /var/log/tirex/jobs.log. You can change the location of this log file by setting master_logfile in the master config file.

If you installed the Debian/Ubuntu packages, this logfile will automatically be rotated daily. See /etc/logrotate.d/tirex-master for the configuration.

Log lines look like this:

2010-05-02T07:59:22 id=1272779961_36220848 map=default x=35528 y=25248 z=16 prio=1 request_time=1272779961 expire= sources=MMM render_time=1277 success=1
2010-05-02T08:07:16 id=1272752563_68897152 map=default x=34464 y=24536 z=16 prio=20 request_time=1272752563 expire= sources=C render_time=4334 success=1

The fields in turn are:

  • timestamp in ISO format
  • id of the request
  • map name
  • x and y metatile coordinates
  • zoom level
  • priority of the request
  • time when the request was created (in seconds since the epoch, 1970-01-01T00:00:00)
  • expire time (if the request had one)
  • sources of the request, 'C' means send through the UDP socket, probably by tirex-batch, 'M' means send my mod_tile. The same metatile can be requested several times, thats why those letters can appear several times.
  • rendering time in milliseconds
  • 1 if the rendering was successful, 0 if it failed for some reason

Rendering backends logfiles

Beware that tirex-backend-manager currently does not report any error or debug messages from actual rendering to the log so check twice if your Mapnik styles are correct and that you have set file permissions correctly.