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A list of Bus routes and other public transport in, or serving, Torbay.

Routes already entered can be seen on Öpnvkarte[1]

Mapping of Routes

Forward/Backward confusion

The usage of role names for relation members can be confusing at the start, as it is not what most people initially think it means.

For stops, forward/backward:stop: means that the stop is served on A to B as forward, and on B to A as backward.

For ways, the meaning is different, forward means here the bus travels in the same direction as the way (sequence of nodes), while backward means the route runs only against the direction of the way. In other words, it does NOT mean, Newton Abbot-Brixham is forward, and Brixham-Newton Abbot is backward. No. It means that the bus drives with the flow of the OSM-way, or against it.

(Using two separate relation for A to B and B to A, then adding the two relations to a Super-Relation may improve the situation slightly, but is currently not full understood or supported)

Colour and symbol legend

The status of each route is indicated by a symbol, which describes the type of feature, and a colour, which indicates the completeness of that feature in a map region. For more details, see Wiki Help.

Meaning of symbols

Symbol Meaning
Routing Route status
Stops Stops status
Base Code NA 0 1 2 3 4 X
{{State Route|r=...|h=}} Routing - implies status unknown Routing (0/4) - no part of route added Routing (1/4) - route partly added (as relation) Routing (2/4) - route mainly added, needs completing Routing (3/4) - route relation complete (in view of 1 editor). Should be verified. Routing (4/4) - route complete & verified by second editor. Please date. Routing (X/4) - route does not exist in real world.
{{State Route|r=|h=...}} Stops - implies status unknown Stops (0/4) - no stops added to relation Stops (1/4) - some stops added Stops (2/4) - most stops added, needs completing Stops (3/4) - all stops added to relation (in view of 1 editor). Should be verified. Stops (4/4) - route complete & verified by second editor. Please date. Stops (X/4) - no stops in real world. Unlikely to be used without r=X as well.

The codes 0-4 are a logical progression, but they do not all have to be used in sequence. It is perfectly acceptable to go from 0 (nothing on map) to 3 (everything done in opinion of one editor). However, there should never be a jump to level 4. r=4 should only appear after r=3, and the same with h=3 & h=4, as this implies the relation has been checked by both the editor who completed it (level 3), and a second editor (level 4). Given these are different people, a jump up to level 4 from anything other than 3 is not possible.


The numerical identifiers of OpenStreetMap elements can change when editing the map.
You can use Overpass api to create longer lasting links based on tags.



Ref. Name Route Status Notes


Daytime services

No. Name Operator Route Status Notes
12 Route 12 (Torbay) Newton Abbot - Kingskerswell - Torquay - Paignton - Brixham Stagecoach South West relation 2185002 Routing (2/4)Stops (0/4) Both Journeys complete and cointained within a super relation. Many bus stops added, but need checking, and not within relation.

Summer-only buses

No. Name Route Status Notes

Night buses

No. Name Route Status Notes

Schoolday buses

No. Name Route Status Notes
Relation not defined yet