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Max speeds by road type and vehicle type

road type (default) bus

Sinnbild Kraftomnibus.svg


Sinnbild Leichtes Nutzfahrzeug.svg




Sinnbild Kraftrad.svg


Sinnbild Reiter, StVO 1992.svg

Sinnbild Minibus.svg

Sinnbild Reisebus.svg


Sinnbild Lastwagenbus.svg


Sinnbild LKW.svg

United States:



trailer park


15 mph 65 mph 65 mph (10000lb),

65 mph (trailer),

65 mph (articulated)

business district 25 mph
residential district[3] 25 mph
public park 25 mph
55 mph[4]
motorway[5] 70 mph,

min: 55 mph

Road types to tag filters

This is how the road types in the table above can be described using OSM tags. Tag rules in {...} are placeholders that refer to other OSM tag rules.

road type tag rules fuzzy tag rules tag rules of containing relation
urban source:maxspeed~.*urban or maxspeed:type~.*urban or zone:maxspeed~.*urban or zone:traffic~.*urban or maxspeed~.*urban or HFCS~.*Urban.* or rural=no highway~living_street|residential or lit=yes or {has sidewalk}[6]
rural source:maxspeed~".*(rural|motorway|motorroad)" or maxspeed:type~".*(rural|motorway|motorroad|nsl_single|nsl_dual)" or zone:maxspeed~".*(rural|motorway|motorroad)" or zone:traffic~".*(rural|motorway|motorroad)" or maxspeed~".*(rural|motorway|motorroad)" or HFCS~.*Rural.* or rural=yes lit=no or {has no sidewalk}
school zone school_zone=yes or hazard=school_zone or restriction=school_zone or maxspeed:variable=school_zone
playground zone hazard=children or playground_zone=yes or hazard=playground_zone or restriction=playground_zone or maxspeed:variable=playground_zone
residential district abutters=residential highway~living_street|residential
business district abutters~retail|commercial
parking lot highway=service and service=parking_aisle
alley highway=service and service=alley
roundabout junction=roundabout
motorway[7] highway~motorway|motorway_link
trailer park abutters=trailer_park
public park abutters=park
  1. MCL 257.627 (2022-03-29) (retrieved 2023-11-25)
  2. "Mobile home park" means a parcel or tract of land under the control of a person upon which 3 or more mobile homes are located on a continual, nonrecreational basis and which is offered to the public for that purpose regardless of whether a charge is made for the parcel or tract of land, together with any building, structure, enclosure, street, equipment, or facility used or intended for use incident to the occupancy of a mobile home. - MCL 125.2302 (2022-06-13) (retrieved 2023-11-25)
  3. a highway segment within the boundaries of a residential subdivision, including a condominium subdivision, consisting of a system of interconnected highways with no through highways and a limited number of dedicated highways that serve as entrances to and exits from the subdivision.
  4. the speed limit on all trunk line highways and all county highways upon which a speed limit is not otherwise fixed under this act is 55 miles per hour, which shall be known as the “general speed limit”
  5. "Freeway" means a divided arterial highway for through traffic with full control of access and with all crossroads separated in grade from pavements for through traffic. - MCL 257.18a (1961-09-08) (retrieved 2023-11-25)
  6. most roads within a town will have a sidewalk or be lit while most roads outside won't have a sidewalk etc.
  7. known as freeway or limited access highway in American English