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A very stubby early version.

Abandoned Rail

There is some abandoned rail in Puerto Rico, in OSM, along the NW corner, SW corner and southern coast of the island. Try OpenRailwayMap.

Passenger Rail

Commuter (passenger=suburban)

Tren Urbano

Heavy rail metro / rapid transit system in San Juan, Puerto Rico. One line east from Bayamón via Río Piedras then north to Hato Rey and Santurce sectors at Sagrado Corazón.

Service Line Route Trains type=route_master type=route Status
Tren Urbano: Sagrado Corazón — Bayamón Subway ? relation 4751620 SB, WB relation 2623662
SB, WB Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
Complete, public_transport v2.
Tren Urbano: Bayamón — Sagrado Corazón Subway ? relation 4751620 EB, NB relation 4751619
EB, NB Routing (3/4)Stops (3/4)
Complete, public_transport v2.