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Improvements? Verbesserungsvorschläge?

This shirt is great! If it is possible please post your original Blender and Gimp files because I would love to wear this shirt when presenting and promoting OpenStreetMap project. User:ValentTurkovic

My concept: In germany the cardinal directions "Nord", "Ost", "Süd", "West" are abbreviated to "N", "O", "S", "W". On a compass the "N" is often replaced by an arrow, so you've left "O", "S" and "W", the "W" can be seen as a flipped "M", ... OSM Kompass windrose a .jpg or OSM Kompass windrose b .jpg

but it looks much better when the "W" is replaced by "M"

OSM Kompass windrose c .jpg

My implementation: I've modeled a compass in Blender v2.46

OSM Kompass v0.5 .jpg

and after applying GIMP's "edge-detection" filter I've got this first draft:

Osm t-shirt draft kompass v0.5 .jpg

The cool thing is that the arrow points to the web address ;-)