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Available languages — User experience
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Holding page for OSM User Experience thoughts. See related blog post 'OSM User Testing' Feel free to chime in etc.

Editing UX test tasks for newbies

Add a Street

A street is missing in your neighborhood. Add the street, the street name and indicate if the street is one way or not.

Add a Point of Interest

Your favourite restaurant is missing from OpenStreetMap. Add it.

Find a tag for Feature XYZ

Your local park is in OpenStreetMap already but the public toilets are not shown on the map. Add the public toilets in your park.

Correct a Street name

Your neighboring street is on OpenStreetMap but the name is incorrect. Fix it.

Add a business

There is a new grocery store in town. Add it to the map.

Add an Address

Your new grocery store is on the map. Make sure OpenStreetMap knows the address of the grocery store.

Upload a GPS trace from a walk or a cycle ride

How should parts that are completely new be added to the map (what tags etc.)? What about parts that overlap with existing features on the map?

Visualise uploaded GPS track in an OSM editing environment

Visualise other people's GPS tracks in an OSM editing environment

What to do if something on the map seems to be in the wrong place

The town library is shown on the north east corner of an intersection but it belongs on the southwest corner. Fix it.

Search UX tasks for newbies

Find your location by name

Find your location by coordinates

Find a route to the concert hall

Find a route to New York City

Mark your location in a link

Save a route to the concert hall

Save a Route to New York City

Consuming OSM tasks for newbies

Save an OSM location link for later

Without a marker

With a marker

Send an OSM location link to a friend

Without a marker

With a marker

Save an OSM map for your web site

Admin OSM tasks for newbies

Sign up for an OSM account

sign up for an OSM account as a first-time user from a 3rd party editor

Set a Home location

Change your password

Social OSM tasks for newbies

Add an OSM user as a friend

Find the 10 OSM users closest to you

Subscribe to a local mailing list

Find out when the next real life OSM event in your area is on

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